• Jiangsu Seesun New Material Technology Co.,Ltd originated from 1880's.

    We've always focused on the core idea "SEESUN FLOORING GREEN TECHNOLOGY", introduced the world-class equipment and technology, established the first authoritative testing laboratory of PVC floor in China, overcome the difficulties of technology and production, successfully broke the monopoly of other brands, ultimately become the first domestic firm which truly based on the industry of the resilient flooring.

    From 2006, our enterprise has implemented the brand operation, successively established three sub-brands "BENTA", "BOGER" and "DISENO".

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    Jiangsu Seesun New Material Technology Co.,Ltd
    Tel: +86-510-85899276
    Address: Room 904, Int'l Industry Design Mansion, No.801 Hongqiao Road, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
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